Emergency RestorationHere for you when you need us most

Always answering the call, no matter the hour

When ice storms, windstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, and earthquakes strike, we dispatch our crews to step in and restore power to our communities, local and far. Our network of companies is equipped with the personnel and equipment resources required to respond quickly and efficiently to these and other emergency events. Through our 24-hour availability, we rapidly mobilize line and safety crews to respond to those who need it. Partnering with our clients and communities, we can provide electrical services for emergency treatment facilities such as hospitals and readily available emergency mobile units. 

Critical responders in times of critical need

When disaster strikes, our teams stand ready to restore power under challenging circumstances. Across the U.S., our crews have responded to some of the most devastating natural disasters. As critical responders, we know how important it is to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. Our emergency restoration crews have rebuilt hundreds of miles of distribution and transmission lines ranging from 4kV to 765kV, damaged by storms. Our powerline response teams provide everything from repairing damaged substations to clearing trees to ensure safe access to the area.