Central East Energy Connect – Delivering more reliable renewable energy to New York state

June 29, 2021

MYR Group and MYR Energy Services are excited to announce that work is officially underway on the Central East Energy Connect, formally known as Marcy to New Scotland Transmission Upgrade Project, in New York. The project consists of nearly 100 miles of 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission construction within existing utility corridors and is expected to increase transmission capacity, while delivering more renewable energy to high-demand areas.

Construction began earlier this year and the project hit its first milestone mid-May. Despite a delayed start date, crews completed the first segment of the project five days ahead of schedule. The recently completed segment consisted of wrecking out six miles of an 230kV line and constructing a new 345kV line in its place. As construction continues to ramp-up, crew sizes will likely double in size and consist of 120 or more craft workers, including sub-contractors.

“We are proud to play a significant role on this project and are delighted to further expand our long-term working relationship with LS Power through this very important initiative.”Rick Swartz, President and Chief Executive Officer of MYR Group

The project’s contract is valued at more than $250 million and under the contract, MYR Energy Services will provide project management, construction management, material procurement, and construction services including right-of-way clearing, environmental controls, foundation installation, structure assembly and erection and conductor stringing. With construction underway, the project’s scheduled in-service date will occur by the end of 2023.

Click on the image below to watch the project video!