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Project Detail

Clarks Corners 345k/115kv/34-5kv Substation and 115kv Transmission Lines

Clarks-Corners-03      Clarks-Corners-01      Clarks-Corners-02

Location: New York

Description: This project included construction of the new Clarks Corners 345kV/115kV/34.5kV substation in Lapeer, New York which included the installation of above grade electrical equipment and steel, two step down transformers, a 115kV ring bus, capacitor bank, foundations, civil construction, cable trenching, fencing and manned security services. It also included the new 715 15-mile, 115kV transmission line from the new substation to NYSEG’s Etna Substation near Dryden, NY; and a rebuild of 15 miles of NYSEG’s existing 947 115kVtransmission line. To date, this is the largest project MYR Group subsidiary Harlan Electric has completed for NYSEG. The ITP project was designed to reinforce NYSEG’s Ithaca-area electricity delivery system.

Completion Date: July 2010

Work Performed By: Harlan Electric Company, a subsidiary of MYR Group