A Day in the Life: Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd. Electrician Karen Crouser

December 1, 2016

Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd. (WPE) is the newest addition to the MYR Group family and as an extended introduction, we’re excited to share “A Day in the Life” video and article featuring WPE Red-Seal certified electrician, Karen Crouser. Karen is an electrician by trade and a forewoman at the Port of Vancouver where she and her colleagues connect cruise ships to the Shore Power grid; a system that was installed by WPE in 2009 and at the time was the first such installation in Canada. In the video, Karen discusses the benefits of being an electrician and encourages women and youth to consider entering the trades.

The Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) designed The Day in the Life series to profile a tradesperson as they go about their daily business and to inspire youth to pursue a career in the construction industry.

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