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Project Detail

Electric Transmission Reliability (ETR) 345kV Transmission Line Project

Electric-Transmission-Reliability-01      Electric-Transmission-Reliability-02      Electric-Transmission-Reliability-03

Location: Nebraska

Description: This project included the construction of 50 miles of new 345kV transmission line and an additional 30 miles of new 345kV/115kV double circuit transmission line installed on 364 new 110’-190’ steel monopoles between Columbus and Lincoln, Nebraska. Record demand for electric power in the summers of 2005 and 2006 prompted the need to upgrade and ensure continued reliability of this transmission grid. MYR Group subsidiary The L. E. Myers Co. completed this project, which also required the use of air boats to transport conductors across two river crossings. Off-sets were required at two state parks, and specific steps were taken to avoid environmental impacts on the region’s bald eagle and water bird population.

Completion Date: December 2009

Work Performed By: The L.E. Myers Co., a subsidiary of MYR Group

Client: Nebraska Public Power District