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Project Detail

Meadowbrook to Loudoun 500kV Transmission Line (eastern part of TRAIL Project), and Carson Substation to Suffolk Substation 500kV Transmission Lines

Meadowbrook-to-Loudon-Carson-01      Meadowbrook-to-Loudon-Carson-02      Meadowbrook-to-Loudon-Carson-03

Location: Northern Virginia

Description: These two projects consisted of 126 miles of new 500kV three-wire bundle 1351 ACSR on 140’ galvanized steel lattice structures; and an additional 90 miles that was the reconstruction of exist­ing 500kV, 230kV and 115kV circuits. The project scope also included right of way clearing, environmental controls, wetland location, structure foundations, assembly, erection and wire stringing. This was the first segment of a three-state transmission line located throughout Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. MYR Group subsidiary The L.E. Myers Co.’s scope of work included right-of-way work, environmental controls, wetland locations, structure foundations, structure assembly, erection and wire stringing.

Completion Date: June 2011

Work Performed By: The L.E. Myers Co., a subsidiary of MYR Group

Client: Dominion Virginia Power Company

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