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Project Detail

Penobscot River Crossing

Penobscot-River-01      Penobscot-River-02      Penobscot-River-03

Location: Maine

Description: This river crossing consisted of a 1700’ span of fiber optic cable and three phases of ACCR conductor. Much of the clipping and sagging was done from hook ladders that were attached to catwalks on the enormous lattice structures on each side of the Penobscot River, because they provided greater access to the conductor. The fiber and conductor connect from a Bangor Hydro station located nearby through a network of substations owned by Central Maine Power. This was part of the Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP) project. MYR Group’ s subsidiary The L.E. Myers Co., performed the work and was supported by MYR fleet management personnel.

Completion Date: September 2012

Work Performed By: The L.E. Myers Co., a subsidiary of MYR Group

Client: Central Maine Power