MYR Group Subsidiary Great Southwestern Construction Successfully Completes 235 Mile Cross Texas Transmission Project

October 4, 2013

October 5, 2013

MYR Group subsidiary Great Southwestern Construction, Inc. (Great Southwestern) has successfully completed the two-year, $217 million Cross Texas Transmission (CTT) Line Project, a key component of the Lone Star State’s bold initiative to expand its capacity for renewable energy.  The project is the largest in Great Southwestern’s 36-year history, and part of the Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ), which was designed to move wind-generated electricity from West Texas and the Texas Panhandle to densely populated areas such as Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio.

The project, which involved construction of approximately 235 miles of double-circuit 345kV transmission line across several counties in the Panhandle, was completed on time and well within budget.

The project’s 1,400 structures include of mix of lattice and monopole steel towers ranging from 140 to 200 feet tall. Great Southwestern was the prime constructor, responsible for the majority of material procurement and all ROW construction, as well as foundations, structure and wire installation and restoration.

The 345kV line, which runs in three segments from White Deer to Silverton, will facilitate the delivery of clean energy to millions of homes and businesses in Texas and will enhance the reliability of the state’s infrastructure for many years to come.

MYR Group subsidiary Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc. mobilized its equipment, manpower and substantial expertise to perform a sizable portion of the wire pull.

Great Southwestern had a large management staff on site and will mobilize that staff to other major projects. Their success on the CTT venture positions the company to continue to pursue and execute large-scale projects throughout the U.S.

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