Nationally Recognized Safety Programs – Two Districts Receive a Coveted Honor

May 18, 2021

Achieving exemplary STAR status since 2008!

Congratulations are in order! The L.E. Myers Co. (L.E. Myers) Chattanooga District and the Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc. (Sturgeon Electric) Colorado District – both Commercial and Industrial/Transportation (C&I) and Transmission and Distribution (T&D) groups – have successfully maintained STAR status through OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)!

The VPP is an OSHA initiative that promotes workplace health and safety through hazard prevention and control, worksite analysis, proper training, and teamwork between the company’s management group and workforce. OSHA conducts an extensive evaluation of jobsite safety, policies and procedures, safety protocols, and training to determine a company’s eligibility. Companies that meet the stringent criteria set for the program, receive the coveted STAR status. STAR is the highest level awarded and recognizes employers and employees for developing and implementing continuous improvement in workplace safety and health management programs that result in injury/illness rates below the national average.

Maintaining the highest level of safety excellence is a team effort!

Achieving STAR status is no simple feat and deserves the utmost recognition and celebration. The recertification process requires ample teamwork, coordination, and dedication throughout the extensive process. Every team member plays an important role in maintaining a work environment that meets or exceeds the necessary safety measures. It’s also important to recognize the individuals who worked closely with the OSHA inspectors throughout the audit. Their commitment and devotion led to each district’s success.

“Sturgeon Electric has retained VPP STAR status for 12 years – a partnership that has made Sturgeon one of the safest companies in America,” says Jeff Waneka, C&I Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. “By granting Sturgeon Electric STAR status, OSHA has made a public statement that they trust Sturgeon to lead the industry to a better place regarding employee health and safety.”

As one of our core values, Safety has become instilled in everything we do. As Jayson Scali, District Manager at L.E. Myers states, “I don’t think our team looks at VPP or our safety program as something we have to ‘get ready for.’ We truly have an environment that has been created here allowing us to just manage our business and this is just a part of how we do business.”

Why is VPP Certification Important?

By maintaining VPP STAR certification year-over-year, we demonstrate to our clients, prospects, and employees that the health and safety of our people is our number one priority. We actively prove that we are among the best in the industry through our actions, behaviors, and commitments to achieving top-tier safety performance. The STAR status instills confidence in our clients, prospects, and employees that we constantly strive keep our people and worksites as safe as possible.

“I believe the STAR status makes us stand out to clients as a safe company,” states Heather Shogbaike, Safety Specialist at L.E. Myers. “I hope that when clients see how long we’ve been in the VPP program they have an idea of how committed we are as a company to safety and quality, and with that, they feel confident that we can provide great service to them.”