NECA Recognizes Several MYR Group Subsidiaries for Safety Excellence in 2021

May 17, 2021

“At MYR Group, safety is a pivotal part of our business, our culture, and our future as an organization. We take pride in emphasizing a culture based on health, safety, and the well-being of our employees, partners, and the communities in which we operate.” – Rick Swartz, President & CEO

As a leader in the electrical construction industry, we take pride in our deep-rooted commitment to safety. Our family of companies boast a strong safety culture which emphasizes safe practices and employee wellbeing.

Numerous MYR Group Inc. (MYR Group) subsidiaries participate in NECA’s Recognition of Safety Achievement program, which recognizes and awards companies that excel in the field of health and safety. The program examines company OSHA records, safety practices and policies, and overall compliance levels. The awards are divided into two categories: Zero-Injury and Safety Excellence.

Congratulations to several MYR Group subsidiary district operations that received NECA 2021 Safety Excellence Awards.

2021 Recognition of Achievement of Zero Injury Awards

The Recognition Achievement of Zero Injury Awards went to The E.S. Boulos Company’s (E.S. Boulos) Auburn, ME; Harlan Electric Company’s (Harlan Electric) Rochester Hills, MI; Huen Electric’s (Huen) East Syracuse, NY; The L.E. Myers Co.’s (L.E. Myers) Chattanooga, TN; and Sturgeon Electric Company Inc’s. (Sturgeon Electric) Anchorage, AK districts.

2021 Recognition of Achievement in Safety Excellence

Recognition of Safety Excellence Awards went to E.S. Boulos’ Auburn, ME and Westbrook, ME districts; Harlan Electric’s Rochester Hills, MI district; High Country Line Construction, Inc.’s (High Country) Morgan, UT district; Huen’s East Syracuse, NY and Columbus, NJ districts; L.E. Myers’ Chattanooga, TN, Marshalltown, IA, and Rural Hall, NC districts; and Sturgeon Electric’s Anchorage, AK, Auburn, WA, Henderson, CO, and Phoenix, AZ districts.

NECA’s Recognition of Safety Achievement program is an elite safety recognition focused on recognizing thriving companies that excel in multiple areas of their safety and health programs. Member companies that consistently have OSHA recordable injury and fatality rates at levels lower than the industry standard and implement internal company safety practices above and beyond basic compliance receive recognition.

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