Haley Kamberalis and Kamala Harris having a discussion
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June 14, 2021 E.S. Boulos Project Manager Shares Her Journey with the Boston Union and Introduces Vice President Kamala Harris to Local Union 490

E.S. Boulos Project Manager Haley Kamberalis Shares Her Beginnings in the Boston Union Program, and Introduces VP Kamala Harris to the House of Labor

E.S. Boulos (ESB) Project Manager Haley Kamberalis visited with Vice President Kamala Harris during a workforce development visit at the House of Labor and Local Union 490 in Concord, N.H. in late April.

A member of Boston Local 103, Haley is a role model for the IBEW, the construction industry, and women in construction. After touring the union training center with the vice president, Haley shared with the audience how she overcame a hearing disability to become a project manager through the Boston union’s apprenticeship program.

Afterward, Haley introduced Harris, who gave a 15-minute speech that praised the IBEW’s apprenticeship programs and said they are a key part of the Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan.

Harris also said she was impressed by the union’s commitment to bring traditionally underrepresented groups into the construction industry.

“If we’re going to build back better, we have to invest in skills development of the workforce,” Harris said. “To do that, if we are going to get the greatest return on our investment, let’s invest in the IBEW. Let’s invest in the building trades.” Watch the video to hear Haley’s journey in the electrical construction industry and learn more about the future of organized labor and American Jobs Plan from Vice President Harris.

Unionized trade provides unparalleled advantages to the working-class community and the end user. The training, quality work, benefits, equal opportunity wages, sense of comradery, and safety practices are just some of the incentives to being a part of something wonderful.

E.S. Boulos Project Manager Haley Kamberalis and Vice President Kamala Harris greet each other before the vice president’s workforce development tour on April 23 at the IBEW training center in Concord, N.H.
(Official White House photo by Lawrence Jackson)