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January 24, 2024 Mark Sterkel Receives Doc Weaver Award for Exceptional Service in Outside Electrical Industry

Mountain State Line Constructors recognizes Sturgeon Electric regional vice president in appreciation of his significant and outstanding contributions

In the world of outdoor electrical work, William “Doc” Weaver is a household name representing the exemplary journeyman lineman. In his more than 50 years in the industry, he made an impact that resonates to this day, even more than 10 years after his passing.

Recently, Mark Sterkel, Regional Vice President of Transmission & Distribution for MYR Group subsidiary Sturgeon Electric, received an award in Doc’s namesake. The William J. “Doc” Weaver Award, presented by Mountain States Line Constructors Joint Apprenticeship, recognizes, as the award states, “Significant and outstanding contributions to the outside electrical industry.”

Mark Sterkel accepts William J. “Doc” Weaver Award

“Doc Weaver loved the line industry and believed in giving back 100% to his fellow line workers and their associated industries,” said Mindie McIff, Regional Vice President of MYR Group and daughter to Doc, “This award is meant to highlight the spirit of Doc’s intent upon an individual who has donated time, energy, and their heart towards the same industry and people.”

Mark is the second MYR Group employee to ever receive the prestigious recognition since its inauguration in 2002, given out at the discernment of the committee’s trustees. That same night, Mark also received his 45-year pin from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

“Mark is a lineman’s lineman,” said Jules Weaver, Doc’s son and Executive Director of Western Line, as he presented the award, “and he is completely dedicated to this industry.” In order to receive the award, board members must vote unanimously, with no dissent, on the nomination. Individuals are selected based on their excellence and commitment to the industry and apprenticeship program.

Mark’s extensive experience includes 37 years at Sturgeon Electric, 17 years as Chairman of Western Lines, and nearly two decades as a trustee of Mountain States Trust. In true Doc fashion, he helped establish three training programs, and his son is now also employed at Sturgeon Electric. Throughout his career, the Mountain State apprenticeship program has more than tripled its number of participants.

Doc Weaver became involved in the industry in 1948 when he took his first job as a groundman. By 1977, Doc became part of the MYR Group family when the company he was working for was bought by The L.E. Myers Company, where he spent the majority of his career until his retirement from Sturgeon Electric Co. Inc as Group Vice President. He was an active and early advocate of apprenticeship programs, and, during his tenure, worked closely with organizations like The Mountain States Line Construction Apprenticeship Training Program. In 2001 he received the L.E. Myers Award in recognition of all he contributed to both the company and the industry as a whole.

In 1983, Doc Weaver himself signed Mark’s indenture papers and Journeyman Lineman Certification. “Doc was an icon in this business,” Mark said in his acceptance speech, “He paved the way for people like myself and other line workers who worked in the trade, worked with the tools, and had the opportunity to receive leadership development and business training to put back into our industry.”