Workers install solar modules in Nevada
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February 16, 2022 MYR Energy Services Brings DC-Coupled Solar + Storage to Battle Mountain Nevada

Nestled below Battle Mountain of Nevada, the utility-scale Battle Mountain Solar Project is a sight to behold, especially when snow blankets the mountain peaks.

In the late 1800s, miners pulled gold, copper and other precious minerals out of this region’s mountains. Now, the region will benefit from a vastly different commodity — sunshine. Since July 1, the Battle Mountain Solar energy and storage facility has captured and converted its rays into clean electricity for NV Energy customers.

Constructed by MYR Energy Services (MYRE) for ConEd Clean Energy Businesses, Battle Mountain is a 139 MWdc / 101 MWac solar photovoltaic facility with 100 MWh / 25 MWdc battery energy storage (BESS). Part of NV Energy’s overall sustainability strategy, Battle Mountain Solar is among the largest DC-coupled solar and battery storage systems in the U.S.

Watch some of the solar module installation and hear more from the MYRE team about Battle Mountain Solar+Storage.

Dan Biere, vice president of operations for MYRE’s solar division, said employing DC-coupled battery storage remains a “pretty unique solution” for utilities. It’s also a valuable one as it allows excess energy to be captured to batteries throughout the day directly from the solar panels. Then the excess energy can be distributed earlier or later in the day when less power is being generated.

MYRE leaders brought more than 30 years of combined solar experience and expertise to the job. As the Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) contractor, MYRE guided the project from design to completion — a major advantage for any client.

MYR Energy Services installs solar panels at the Battle Mountain Solar and Storage Project.

The EPC process also allowed for real-time input on the engineering phase. “It affords us the opportunity to optimize the design,” Project Manager Jason Schacht explained. It also provides better awareness of when materials will arrive and helps the entire process run smoother.

Despite supply chain volatility from COVID-19 and western wildfires, MYRE was able to procure all the necessary materials to keep the project moving on time, including trackers, inverters, and battery storage system.

Access to MYR Group’s robust, nationwide fleet also ensured essential equipment and tools were always at the ready. MYRE cleared the site, installed underground and above ground electrical work, and installed 294,000 solar photovoltaic modules on the 1-square mile site. The project broke ground in August 2020 and was completed in June 2021. Adhering to high standards contributed to the project’s success.

“It’s an awesome experience, working with awesome people in the office and awesome people in the field. So I’m excited to get the next project and do it all over again.”

– General Foreman Robert Perez, MYR Energy Services (an MYR Group Company)
An MYR Energy Services general superintendent stands in front of a solar energy and storage project in Battle Mountain, Nevada.
General Superintendent David Martinez

“I believe in holding my coworkers, employees, and peers to [a] high standard of accountability,” said project General Superintendent David Martinez. “Our values set the foundation for my expectations as a leader and member of this company. I enjoy helping people succeed and encourage my project and craft teams to take our core values to heart.”

As always, safety was paramount. The team of roughly 200 craft employees plus supervisors logged more than 291,000 combined work hours through freezing temperatures, inclement weather, and the unique challenges of COVID-19.

Safety Engineer Trinidad Perez, a veteran of 19 solar projects, attributed the safety to intentional, open lines of communications with the entire team.

“We come out and interact with people, make sure we know all their safety concerns,” Perez said.

General Foreman Robert Perez said, “It’s an awesome experience, working with awesome people in the office and awesome people in the field. So, I’m excited to get the next project and do it all over again.”

Project Details: Battle Mountain Solar Farm