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February 21, 2023 MYR Group Brings Smiles to Children’s Faces During Wish for Wheels Event


MYR Group recently hosted its annual CORE Leadership training kick-off session with a community-based, team building activity focused on the topic of TRUST. Launched in 2018, CORE Leadership is a year-long, MYR Group developed training program that provides leaders across the company with an opportunity to connect and share work experiences, learn best practices, and reinforce leadership competencies. Getting involved in an activity that supports the community was a great way for our leaders to start the program by interacting with each other and enhancing their communication tactics as they built trust and prepared for the week ahead.

MYR Group partnered with Wish for Wheels, a nonprofit organization that provides bikes to Title 1 schools and children in need. There was no better way to engage the team and empower children in the community than to take part in their Team Build and Give program which offers organizations a chance to build and gift bikes to an entire second-grade class. MYR Group employees had the opportunity to gift children at Slater Elementary School, in Denver, Colo., with new bikes.

Upon arriving at the school, MYR Group employees were paired to participate in a variety of trivia questions to complete the bike build challenge. With more than 40 participants and volunteers, MYR Group gave 28 new bikes and helmets to the students at Slater Elementary and set in motion a healthier and brighter future. When the kids arrived, they were smiling from ear to ear. It was a special moment for the MYR Group team to reflect and help kids who may not own a bike or in some cases have never learned to ride.

“The opportunity to build a bike, then present it to a child, and in my case: then teach the child how to ride a bike, was an extremely rewarding process. Seeing him smile and learn how to ride was an unforgettable moment.”

– Jack Carmone

Participating in Wish 4 Wheels’ Team Build and Give Program helped the participants create a sense of comfortability and vulnerability, leading to improved communication and overall participation in the first training session. Teamwork was crucial in this event and required trust between partners to work together to build a safe and sturdy bike for these children. Thank you to all our employees who participated, as we continue to show up and give back to the communities where we work and live.

“The Wish 4 Wheels CORE Leadership event was a great jumpstart to what I know will be a successful year of CORE. It allowed participants to interact with each other on a team building level from the very beginning and grow in our communication tactics not just by assembling the bikes but also teaming up with the 2nd-grade class where many had never ridden a bike before.”

– Malia Papineau

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