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October 27, 2022 The L.E. Myers Co. and Sturgeon Electric Company honored at NECA 2022 Convention

MYR Group Subsidiaries receive 2022 Project Excellence Awards for Overhead Transmission, Commercial & Institutional valued over $1 million

Exceptional communication, coordination and creativity resulted in Project Excellence Awards for two MYR Group subsidiaries this year.

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) awarded The L.E. Myers Co. (L.E. Myers) the 2022 Project Excellence Award (PEA) for overhead transmission for its Gateway to Roxford 345 kV Transmission Line. It was L.E. Myers’ second project excellence award win in four years. NECA also awarded Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc. (Sturgeon Electric) a 2022 PEA for the Shamrock Foods Project Peak, a large commercial project.

Scott Tibbetts, L.E. Myers’ Decatur district manager, and Jason Boyle, a Sturgeon Electric operations manager based in Colorado Springs, were able to attend the award ceremony at NECA’s annual convention and tradeshow held in Austin this month.

“Our entire team is exceptionally proud of earning the NECA 2022 Project Excellence Award for commercial and institutional projects valued at more than $1 million,” Boyle said of the honor.

Complex Gateway to Roxford Transmission Project Required Creative Solutions

L.E. Myers served as both the general contractor and electrical contractor for the Gateway to Roxford 345kV transmission line, a 13.52-mile stretch from substation to substation – approximately 7 miles of which is located on Chouteau Island on the Mississippi River outside of St. Louis.

Since the island was primarily accessible via weight-limited bridges, the Decatur district needed to create out-of-the-box solutions to ensure the project was completed safely, to the client’s expectations and met USACE and FAA requirements. This problem-solving approach was recognized by NECA, the premier organization for electrical contractors in the United States.

“This was an extremely complex project that required extensive planning, coordination, and communication,” Tibbetts said. “The L.E. Myers project team, along with all the stakeholders, did an outstanding job working together to make this project a success.”

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New Solutions, Attention to Client Needs Drove Shamrock Foods Project Success

Sturgeon Electric was responsible for the electrical scope of work for a new Shamrock Foods warehouse with a 1.2 million square footprint and prepping four other campus buildings for future electric utility services. Working in a building with 70-foot ceilings, and 70 percent cold storage came with unique challenges and experiences.

The work included installing conduit, wire, light fixtures, hundreds of pieces of electrical equipment, dock door controls, BAS raceways and cable, the fire alarm system and low voltage and security raceways. Boyle and his team developed new solutions as the project called for them, such as the volume and redundancy of light fixtures that inspired the development of a simpler system for hanging them. That new method reduced costs and saved time without sacrificing quality, structural integrity, or safety.

They also offered value engineering solutions to Shamrock Foods, including recommending more efficient location of transformers.

“Sturgeon Electric was a fantastic partner. They went out of their way to help design or redesign areas for efficiencies and for longevity,” Shamrock Foods’ Vice President of Construction and Engineering Patrick Greiner said.

Prefabrication also helped avoid pandemic supply chain challenges, increase quality and consistency, and saved time.

“In an industry with so many variables in typical years, it is extremely satisfying to have had a project of this magnitude go so well in extraordinary times, with pandemic uncertainties and significantly longer lead times for material and equipment,” Boyle said. “All our great partners – from the owner, general contractor, vendors, and the Sturgeon Electric team – are what made that success possible.”

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