PROJECT UPDATE: L.E. Myers Maintains Strong Reputation on MPRP Project

August 4, 2014

MYR Group subsidiary The L.E. Myers Co. (L.E. Myers) is currently in the final stages of constructing the Northern Loop of the $1.4B Maine Power Reliability Project (MPRP).  The largest infrastructure project in Maine’s history, the MPRP is expected to be completed later this year. Upon completion, MPRP will increase system reliability over the coming decades and provide the infrastructure for the state’s emerging wind, hydro, biomas, and tidal energy industries.Since October of 2010, L.E. Myers work scope has entailed the construction and rebuild of approximately 210 miles of 345kV and 115kV transmission lines throughout northeastern Maine.

MPRP, and the project players involved, have been an instrumental force in helping to boost Maine’s economy; and have added approximately 2100 jobs per year since 2010. L.E. Myers hired 150 apprentices from the local I.B.E.W., many of whom utilized the opportunity to gain valuable experience and receive top-notch training from an industry-leading electrical contractor. Additionally, MPRP has generated more than $1 Billion in state spending. Whether our employees were stopping in for snacks at a general store, fueling up trucks at a gas station, or placing project material orders with nearby suppliers, local and regional proprietors have enjoyed the increase in business.

When project requirements involve interactions with local land and homeowners, L.E. Myers makes every effort to respect property and minimize any inconvenience to residents.  Crews have been commended for their abilities to restore conditions to their original state, leaving little to no footprint behind. L.E. Myers has also performed admirably in their efforts to oversee all aspects of environmental management for this project.

For more on how the MPRP community has been satisfied with L.E. Myers’ professionalism and performance on the job, see the video: