Antelope Valley Station to Judson 345kV Transmission Line Transmission

Antelope Valley Station to Judson 345kV Transmission Line

Client Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Completion Date October 2015
Location Bismarck, North Dakota
Completed by Great Southwestern Construction, Inc.

Great Southwestern crews built the 144-mile Antelope Valley Station to Judson Transmission Line over a two-year period, expanding and upgrading the transmission system in the Bakken Formation, an area covering 200,000 square miles. The 345kV, single-circuit line consisted of direct embed monopole, three-pole, and H-frame structures that began in Beulah, ran west toward Grassy Butte, and then north to Williston.

To minimize impacts on surrounding soil and wildlife, crews used a “Kaiser” walking mobile excavator and an Erickson Sky Crane to pick up, fly, and set the 16,000-pound structures. Doing so helped them avoid mobilizing heavy equipment and matting that could have damaged delicate ground conditions and caused additional disruptions to wildlife inhabiting the area.

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