Crystal Series Capacitor Substation

Crystal Series Capacitor

Client Desertlink, LLC (LS Power)
Completion Date Jan. 2020
Location North Las Vegas, Nevada
Completed by Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc.

As part of the 60-mile 500kV Harry Allen to Eldorado transmission project, Sturgeon Electric also constructed the utility side of a 500kV Series Capacitor yard.

The Crystal Series Capacitor project was built in an existing NVE 500/345/230kV substation in North Las Vegas. It included all site work, the procurement and installation  of  nine  500kV switches,  8-6” RGS bus, structural steel, above & below grade conduit, above & below grade grounding,  station service infrastructure, prefabricated  control building, protection/control panels, battery systems, cable, testing & commissioning.