South Street Substation Substation

South Street Substation

Client TRC Engineers LLC/National Grid
Completion Date Nov. 2018
Location Providence, Rhode Island
Completed by E.S. Boulos Company & Harlan Electric Company

E.S. Boulos and Harlan Electric rebuilt the aging South Street Substation, creating a new control house and substation, to meet the area’s current and future electric demands and help revitalize downtown Providence.

Crews converted three 1,400-foot-long 115kV overhead line supply circuits from Franklin Square to the South Street substation to place cable circuits underground and re-route the 23 and 11.5kV underground feeder getaway facilities to the new substation. They also modified remote substation terminals and removed existing 115kV overhead line circuits and unused portions of existing 11.5 and 23kV feeder getaways and substation facilities, including the switchgear building.

Opened in 1919, the original South Street Substation was a major component of the city’s critical infrastructure for providing reliable power to the area. The facility required significant rehabilitation to support the growing region and, in part, because the equipment manufacturer no longer supported the substation’s resources.