X116/Z119/S188/R187 Transmission Structure Replacements Transmission

X116/Z119/S188/R187 Transmission Structure Replacements

Client Eversource
Completion Date 2022
Location Southern New Hampshire
Completed by Harlan Electric Company

Eversource awarded Harlan Electric the X116/Z119/S188/R187 transmission project in May 2022 to ensure reliability to their customers. This complex structure replacement project required 252 structure replacements across four different 115kV transmission lines in the same right of way. The project involved extensive barehand live line work because a majority (227 of 252) of the replacements — converting existing poles to light duty steel monopoles — needed to be performed under energized conditions.

The Harlan Electric team exhibited exemplary safety on the project and were able to accelerate the project schedule. They also successfully complied with new environmental protections for a number of rare, threatened and endangered species. Their excellent work performance and ability to navigate the challenges of the complex project earned them a 2023 NECA Project Excellence Award.

Photos courtesy of Eversource

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